Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Free Adult crops happening!

Come along and join in the fun!
Wednesday's from 10am to 2pm or fortnightly from 5:30pm.

You can make whatever your heart desires! Painting, Colouring, Scrapbooking, Card Making, Cross Stitch, Knitting or just sitting & chatting.. :)

"look, proof that I sometimes will eventually get something done"... haha 

week before school holidays officially started, we had a couple of the high school girls join us, as they were already on holidays..

week 2 of school holidays saw us making a Card in a Box with the kids and some scrapbooking by the adults. I used my time to get the kids sessions kits ready..


by Scrap Crazy - Custom Creations.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Show submissions and prizes 2016

We did not too bad this year at our local show..
Myself, my Mum and both Lane & Hunter entered different projects..
We won some, didn't win some others.. lol.. But that's ok, I just love being able to promote and share my passion of crafting! :)

Scrapbooking and Card Making..

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

June / July 2016 Holiday crafts

As some of you may know, I've been very lucky to share my passion for crafting with some of the local kids.. These past school holidays were filled with amazing projects created by these crafters.. From as young as 2yrs old and through to Mum's.. They all had a blast,  SO DID I!!!!  :)

Getting Set Up

There are a lot of hours spent organising the classroom, packing the "craft to you" box and getting all of the kits ready / repackaged. Thankfully I had my helper there most of the time to make my job easier.. Thank you Hunter! :)

Classroom set for the Mixed Media Canvas.

"Craft To You"

Kits ready for the second week.

Classroom set up for the Lip Gloss holder card + Post It Note holder frame. 

Having Fun

Many SMILES with the finished projects


by Scrap Crazy - Custom Creations. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Loving everyday - small canvas

Good morning crafters. Yes, I know it's been a little while since I last posted. I have been very bust with this thing called life... OOOOh and Pokémon Go! lol..
Anyway, I'm here today to share with you my lastest failure of a creation.. lol.. Not really! It does look much better in real life than the photos though. I'm still not 100% in love with this, but it's a start to a new technique that I'm very tried before..  I have never played with Watercolour Paints and will admit I was terrified. I have made this small canvas topped with some great Memory Maze chipboard for my very first project.  

So after you go through this post, I would love for YOU to go off and maybe try something new too!!
Good luck and hope you're more pleased with the outcome that I initially was.. lol..

Loving every day

Although I know it's not the "best canvas I've ever made", I still think it is important to share this with you as I want you to know it's ok to try things you have never tried before! I tried a few different things that didn't work out well, so fell back to basics. But that's ok, even as a DT member we all have moments that just plain and simple FAIL!

You will be able to find these products everywhere around you.
Newsagents, Department store (Big W / Kmart) and even some budget $2 shops.

Since this is my first time, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. No fancy Cats, sitting in a boat, on a beautiful lake, surrounded by flowing hills and trees. HAHAHAHA... I couldn't even do that if I wanted to anyway!!!!!  Nooooo, Nooooo! Just a cute little sunburst design with straight lines was definitely going to be my limit for this project. :)

I started by using the Memory Maze stencil as my guide for the sunburst.

I used only 5 of the watercolour paints and spread them out on the canvas. Letting them dry I also added a Black boarder.
Please note some advice: Don't do this while wearing "nice" clothes, it somehow got all over my shirt and pants. *** The shirt has now been designated into the "wear while crafting" pile and the pants, well I just hope I can wash it out... ekkk..
Next was the brick wall stencil and some Modelling Paste on the lower half, just to break up the olours and give the chipboard an extra background effect to sit on.

The swirl and Butterflies I coloured with a Silver Alcohol ink, then painted the words with the Black watercolour paint again. Here is where I tried many different effects that just simply didn't work. So I just kept recovering with the black.
The final touch was the lone black flower in the corner, which was made by Jan McKenzie.

Memory Maze products used;

Flower by Jan McKenzie